Window of life

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India, Agra - 2016

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They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and they are true.

Our eyes are bearers of almost everything we've experienced in life, and they reflect the things that we are unable to express through the use of words. After all, it is never easy for everyone to show who they are inside freely. Just as the man in this image, shrouded by his yellow robe, is sitting by the window of one of the temples in India.

No matter how much we hide our genuine selves from the people around us, there will be that one moment where a glimpse of who we really are will show through our eyes. They tell so much more, and this kind of connection without words holds so much power it can be used to influence the way others will act or feel around us. They tell stories one may not even be willing to share.

Using this photograph, remind yourself that it is acceptable to let a part of your true self outside for the world to see. You'll never know how other people will react, but that is the beauty of it. There is the hope that some people will be fascinated by who you are. And it would never have been possible if you had not opened up a part of you.

The next time you visit a place this old, you will be a completely different person because you see things from the point of view that not many will understand.



LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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