Concierge Services

We like to make buying art as easy and stress-free as possible. To accomplish this, we do our very best to make your purchasing experience a pleasant one.

Visiting the Gallery

The Gallery is open by appointments and private viewing including weekends . We are also available after hours and endeavor to accommodate appointments upon request. Exhibitions rotate frequently. If you are looking for something that you do not see on the wall during your visit, we may have it stored away and will be happy to show it to you if it remains available.


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In the Comfort of Your Home

The Gallery ONE is pleased to offer a variety of services in your home. We can help you select artwork suitable to your space by visiting you for a consultation. You may take some artwork to your home on a trial basis. We know that you are busy so we will even deliver artwork to your home for trial and help hang the work in a suitable location. You may keep the artwork for several days while you consider its suitability to your space by viewing it at different times of day and in different locations. If you live outside of the Miami area, we can ship artwork to you for trial. Your only responsibility is to return the artwork to us in good condition if it does not suit your needs.

Installation Services

Once you have made your art selections, we are happy to help you place and hang it in your home. If you are moving and would like assistance re-hanging your collection, please contact us for details about our installation services.

Framing Services

Paintings on canvas can often be hung without frames and works on paper are often framed when you make your purchase, however if you would like to add a frame to your selection or change the framing, we are happy to provide assistance. We have a selection of high quality frame samples to choose from and can help you select a color, style and price-point to suit your needs. Frames are custom ordered for each piece.


The Gallery ONE offers fair rate shipping of your art purchases anywhere within North America and to many destinations around the world. Artwork created in Canada falls under the free trade agreement with the United States and is therefore duty-free as well as free of federal taxes when shipped to the US. Shipping to other countries may involve import duties and taxes upon receipt.


In case you have any additional comments or need more information please contact us.