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At The Gallery ONE, we’re more than just an art gallery; we’re a comprehensive canvas for creators of all kinds. From artists to home decor designers, children's book authors to gourmet producers, we provide an enriched environment for all to shine. Our philosophy is simple: Focus on your passion, whether it’s creating art, designing spaces, crafting children’s wonders, or tantalizing the taste buds.

Established by genuine enthusiasts of beauty and creativity, The Gallery ONE is dedicated to fostering talent across various domains. Every collaborator who graces our platform benefits from direct mentorship and guidance from our specialized curators and industry experts.


  • Artists: Share your narrative and artworks through posts and stories on our dynamic social media channels, participate in international exhibitions, and gain a dedicated online space to showcase and sell your masterpieces.

  • Home Decor Visionaries: Feature your innovative designs in our decor section, be part of our in-house styling collaborations, and engage with a community that values aesthetic living.

  • Kids' Zone Innovators: Showcase your imaginative toys, accessories, or books, participate in our kids' events and workshops, and inspire the next generation of creative thinkers.

  • Gourmet Producers: Introduce our community to global flavors through exclusive food events, list your gourmet wonders on our platform, and be part of our international gourmet dialogues.

  • For all collaborators, get the opportunity to shine in interviews and articles in our esteemed online magazine and be presented in international bids for various projects and collaborations.


Every creation, be it an artwork, a decor piece, a children's toy, or a gourmet delight, has a unique story. Our team is eager to delve deep into your creative process, understand your aspirations, and help pave a way forward in your artistic and creative journey. Whether you’re an emerging artist, a promising designer, an imaginative children’s creator, or a culinary genius, we’re on the lookout for talents from every corner of the world.

Step into the multifaceted world of The Gallery ONE and let's build a world brimming with beauty and creativity, together.