Wild Horses

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USA, Theodore Roosevelt National Park - 1964

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Determination, endurance, and, most importantly, freedom. These are three among the many things horses are associated with. Three of the things this image of wild horses running freely represents. No limits, no boundaries, no holding back to going places where you want to be. Each one is taking their own time to phase yet still giving everything they can because the run is all about you and you alone.

Many places will tell us who we should be and how we should act. Places where we feel we are being placed in a box that does not fit or where we are being shaped into gears that make a machine work in the most redundant way possible. These are the places that are not made for us humans. You are more than just a piece of cog. You are made to be free. Be at the place where you feel the most freedom and see how different it feels.



LIMITED EDITION - Numbered and Dated. 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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