Water Gun

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USA, Miami - 2008

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A rush of nostalgia and happiness is emanated in this image of a fun booth where tiny pieces of laughter still fill the air. This is the Miami-Dade County Youth Fair, ranked as the largest fair in Florida. Just thinking about it already makes you want to go back to the time where things were a little lighter for you, and all you had to do was make the most out of what your parents gave. That kid had a lot of potentials, and by bringing this photo to you, we hope you are reminded that kid is still you.

Never let the kid inside of you die. Life may be a lot more difficult for you right now, but just like the fun booth in this stunning photo, you have all the power to shine brightly, even at night. You can make a lot of people around you happy by just being there and being genuine. Let this photo be a message from us that you are alive and here to make things better for you and those around you.

This photo will suit almost any interior, given the overall look. It is inviting colors mix, forming a promise of the better times that is to come when you walk closer. Smiling faces, seen everywhere, create an ambiance as warm as the sweet summer sunny day outside with friends or family.






LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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