The Iron Curtain

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Germany, Berlin - 1961

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It was August 13 of the year 1961 when Berlin was awoken with the erection of barriers that will later be known as one of history’s most infamous dividing lines.

This move cut through neighborhoods, separated families, and divided not just Berlin but the entire world. From this aerial shot of Berlin, you can see the difference between the architecture of what was then known as East Berlin and West Berlin. Life was significantly better in the west, and people seized the opportunity to leave the east while they still had the chance. By 1961, nearly 3.5 million people from East Germany had left, and to prevent further losses, East Germany closed the border. The initial barrier comprised of barbed wire and mesh fencing to prevent the East German population from leaving. And by 1965, 106 kilometers of 3.6 meter-high concrete walls were added.

A consistent color palette of faint hues is seen in this photograph, which was taken around 1965. Suppose you are looking for a way to add a feeling of nostalgia to your home interior while hanging a photo with a powerful story behind it. In that case, this aerial image of Berlin is your choice for the best wall decor. Besides other decorative pieces or on their own, it will never fail to captivate the viewer regardless if they know or not the story behind the image.

This modern take on an infamous event in history is the best home decor anyone will love having on their blank wall to give it life and meaning.


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