Saint Teresa of Calcutta

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USA, New Orleans - 2014

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Having created many homes for the dying and unwanted, Mother Teresa played a vital role in spreading the belief in the goodness of God, especially in people who appear to have lost all hope.

For more than 50 years, Saint Teresa of Calcutta comforted the poor, the dying, and the unwanted. This act of selflessness became the beacon of hope that the needy held onto during the most challenging times of their lives. We are capable of being kind, but its beauty comes from the idea that we, as humans, possess the ability to choose kindness. Not everyone chooses kindness, and those who do, more often than not, always give something up. It may be time, money, or something else that is no longer replaceable. It is no surprise why this float from the 2014 Mardi gras was dedicated to Mother Teresa. She was one ordinary woman who did extraordinary acts of kindness with the limited time she had in this world. And by displaying this artistic photograph in your interior, let it remind you that you have the choice to be kind.

We have included this photograph in our collection of modern home decors for your home, not only because it looks stunning. But mostly because it holds the ability to inspire kindness in people. And we want it to remain that way.


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