Pan Am Boing 727

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Germany, Berlin - 1964

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Addressing the demands for shorter flight lengths from smaller airports is the Boeing 727 narrow-body airliner. Released in 1962, you can see in this photo (approximately taken in 1965) that there are four Boeing 727 airplanes.

This airport depicted in this photograph is significant to transferring Heribert Schwarte (the late artist who was a Pan Am pilot at the time) to the Tegel Airport in Berlin, Germany. While he was trying so hard to get away from post-WWII Germany by immigrating to the US via a steamship through Ellis Island and joining the US army for citizenship, Pan Am ended up sending him back to the one place on Earth he was trying to avoid. Faint colors that have been washed out by time are easily seen in this old photograph that you can easily hang in almost any interior you want a vibe from the past.

Minor details make up the entire scene and give it its individuality. At the lower right corner of this old photo, you can see a Volkswagen Beetle, which was relevant at the time. This gave the entire image hints when it was taken, giving it that authentic aura you would never get from an image of the same place taken today. Decorate your home with a classic reel of memory from the past and let it speak its message to you through your interpretation.

We find things from the past fascinating, and often when we look at them, we wonder, “what was it like to be in this period?”




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