I've got something for you, man

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Bahamas , Nassau 2016

Limited edition artwork ships in 2-4 weeks. If you are interested in a size or framing option not available online, please email us to speak with our Art Consultant.


The famous line every tourist gets when coming to Andy's shag in Nassau, Bahamas. "I've got something for you, man!" And what is that they got for you is the drink made from the Fire in a Hole rum, and a secret ingredient (keep it in a plastic gallon bottle, under the bar).



All our prints are available in floating frames and black, white, and Maduro color. We use floating frames as none of the art is obscured by the lip of a traditional frame, and these frames are designed so that the art appears to float within the frame. It allows us to mount a piece of artwork in a frame without the surface of the part touching the frame itself, preserving the image from potential contact or damage. Because of this “floating” illusion, viewers of your artwork gain a sense of three-dimensional depth when viewing the piece.

Each frame is handcrafted in our studio in Miami, and it comes with an easy hanging hardwire, so your artwork is ready to hang as soon as it arrives.



LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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