Dark Love Poem

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USA, 2014

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If only I could 

"If only I could steal the looks in your eyes and bind you to my spell I’d wear your bullet on my heart like a jewel. You stoped me dead in my tracks like a dog my dirty fang are scratching at your door admit my nature is lower than that of beast is a nature damaged and damned. But if you could see that stranger that’s so strange it is no longer questionable. I will show you that the dark is not so dark, the ghost is haunted by its own shadow. I am a fool, my head is against this wall. My desires undermined by my own shame but I know your .... bad magic when you tell me it’s raw it’s really piss on my head. A wise girl may know her own mess but could never avoid a wild fire. So if a dead ... got love to give from a twisted tongue and mangled heart"


LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 250 Limited Edition, COA Included.

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