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Selling air for a dollar is quite the idea. The whole world is filled with it, yours for the taking. The same notion led us down the path we are walking right now and will lead us further down south if we continue. /; There is that idea that the world is filled with infinite resources that we can take whenever we please. Because in front of our eyes at that moment, there is too much. But if we look at things from a different angle, the resources we have are depleting, and very few of us ponder this fact.

This image shows how the future may be if we do not accept our mistakes and do our best to change our lives. It shows that we may need to pay for air one day because there is not much clean air left for us to breathe. Progress is good, but at what cost?

This monochromatic piece shows how advancement in infrastructure and technology has dominated the greenery around it, the very thing giving us life. The one planet that will keep us breathing, supplying the air we need to live. It may seem like we have plenty to spare, but, like this image, there are not enough natural resources to sustain lives on this planet for the generations that will come after us.


LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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