Four friends

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USA, Miami - 2021

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Four unfamiliar faces. Four different stories. All of which we do not know about yet grabs attention because they are authentic representations of life.

Lined here in front of your eyes are only four of the billions of different faces in the world. Some you’ve seen, some you know, and others you didn’t know existed. All were carrying their own unique stories and having their fair share of the best and most dreadful milestones in this fleeting thing we call life. Some are more desirable than others, yet all are equally valid and worthy of being known, heard, and remembered.

Years of existence can be seen in every detail on each face lined horizontally and embraced by a pitch-black background. Possibly the artist’s way of showing how each of these faces is brought to this world surrounded by such darkness, or perhaps an artistic way to highlight and showcase each subject. Different shades of blue dominate the artist’s palette, a color associated with both freedom and depth.

Our interpretation of this masterpiece is comprehensible enough you will love this piece in your interior. This image represents life, all its many faces, and how it should be lived. With so much freedom and depth.

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