Hotel Nacional de Cuba

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Cuba, Havana - 2016

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There is no doubt that our awe in technological advancement will never surpass our appreciation of the old structures that have stood the test of time.

Showcased in this photograph is the reception at the world-renowned Hotel Nacional de Cuba. It is a historic, eclectic style hotel that opened its doors in 1930 and has already accommodated generations of guests from all over the world. New technology may bring us more in life using less time or energy, but there is always something so captivating about seeing structures that have held so many stories within its walls. Maybe that is the factor that makes these buildings so fascinating, and they housed years and years of life.

Open your eyes to the beauty of the past every once in a while, and you will find yourself appreciating more of the things surrounding you. Not only because they are created to be beautiful but because they have held so many stories that a full day will never be enough to tell them all. Maybe with this idea, you will find the more profound meaning in the things that have been around for generations.

The next time you visit a place this old, you will be a completely different person because you see things from the point of view that not many will understand.



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