Beyond the Galaxies

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USA, 2007

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This photograph highlights the sky that covers most of Nevada, one of the few hotspots for alien conspiracy theories because of the famous Area 51. People believed that the heavily guarded government facility stored and studied aliens and their spacecraft. And like the uncertainty of what lies beyond the skies, this story was never proven to be 100% real.

The vast empty space of skies and lands in this photograph gives way for the photo's subject to capture attention. A road sign with the words "Extraterrestrial Highway" indicates an area where alien spacecraft is passing through. The emptiness of the skies in this photograph could represent the still unanswered question of whether aliens are real. Do extraterrestrial creatures live beyond the galaxies, hidden far away from our current technologies by lightyears?

The story about aliens, Area 51, and Las Vegas being a hotspot for extraterrestrial events is still under enthusiasts' radar. And whether or not you will believe these stories is up to you. After all, the infinity beyond our planet's atmosphere is far too vast for us to conclude that we are the only civilization living.


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