Hugo is a Belgian artist born in Antwerp in 1975.

He realizes that his drawings are different from those of his classmates and has fun drawing comics very early on. explore the large format by creating frescoes and panels, the decoration of shop windows allows him to perfect the art of simple spontaneous and fluid lines,
in the 90s, he founded a family, put away his brushes to lead a more conformist life for 25 years, A long-lasting illness that called into question his aspirations, the development of a birthday decor for his daughter who receives congratulations bring him back to his first love,
He quits smoking and invests the money he saved in turning his garage into a workshop.
The covid and the closing of shops, his economic dismissal in 2020 do not dampen his enthusiasm to create and make art. His characterized work by flash neon colors, angular lines of significant movements in quilts that are not in current canons, even if characters from popular culture inspire them, can be found here in our gallery.

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