Anderson Family Piggy Bank

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USA, 2009

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What you see in this photograph may seem like an ordinary piggy bank from a family house. Both adults and kids use a tool to store spare change until they reach a significant amount, enough to break the piggy bank to pieces and gather what is inside. But this specific piggy bank was owned by the Anderson family. A wealthy family from Rino Valley, California, experienced a 180 turn on their journey.

Photo was taken inside the farmhouse of the Anderson Ranch. This Family controlled all the water supply in the valley below. And if this is not enough to make you read in awe, the Anderson family also owned most of the valley, making them the wealthiest family in the area. Several generations of ownership have seen this family’s lavish way of living their lives. Eventually, they came to a point where they sold off all the land, the water right and committed the grievous mistake of spending their fortune to a point where the Anderson Ranch ended up in foreclosure.

Often we take what we have for granted. We never really understand the genuine value of our possessions until they are slowly slipping away from our desperate hands.


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