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India, Varanasi - 2016

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Life can be compared to traveling in different places all over the world.

There are specific points where you meet people who will be nothing but strangers to you. And there will be moments where you will meet people who will stay for a while and then leave because they have to go on their own journey. Lastly, there are those who you meet at one point, and then they stay with you throughout the adventure. This is a reasonably similar experience for most people living on this planet. The difference can come with how we experience the journey of life.

Getting in on one of the sleeper trains in India, they say, is one of the authentic ways of experiencing the country for what it is. This photograph was taken at the Varasani train station in India, featuring one of the numerous sleeper trains running across the country. A man can be seen from the two windows captured on the image, and like all of us, he has his own stories to tell.

Nobody gets the chance to meet every single human being on their own journey through life. But how we experience life with the people we meet along the way is what matters. Are you going to play it safe all throughout, or are you going to be brave for the sake of getting the most out of the adventure?


You may not have the answer to this question right now, or the answer may be too painful to accept. But like the street in this photograph, you are free to keep going, stop, or make a turn.


LIMITED EDITION - Signed, Numbered and Dated by the Artist. 20 Artist Proof / 95 Limited Edition. COA Included .

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