A Captivating Epitome

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India, 2008

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A monument built in 1572 by Bega Begam in memory of her husband, Humayun

This photograph shows the Humayun’s Tomb standing gloriously in Delhi, India. Captured, giving off a special aura based on the angle, you can tell that this is no ordinary temple. This masterpiece was built in 1570 to be the first garden-tomb on the Indian subcontinent and will later become the epitome of Islamic mausoleums, including the world-famous Taj Mahal.

The garden, which the tomb is set in, symbolizes the Garden of Paradise, and has its origins in Persian char bagh (meaning ‘four gardens’). During the reign of Humayun, this garden layout, also known as the Mughal garden was such a novelty in India, that its design became replicated throughout the Mughal Empire.

The Persian-inspired gardens surrounding Humayun’s final resting place are divided into four parts by causeways. At the centre of each causeway is a shallow water channel, which is connected to pools. The entrances to the enclosure are situated on its south and the west sides, and exist in the form of double-storeyed gateways. Additionally, there is a baradari (pavilion) and a hamman (bath chamber) that occupy the centre of the eastern and northern walls respectively. In the middle of the garden is a 7 m high square terraced platform raised over a series of cells. These cells are accessible through small arches along the sides. It is on this platform that the actual tomb of Humayun is located.

Humayan’s Tomb is an authentic representation of architectural innovations. Just by looking at this photograph, you can feel its powerful aura transcending beyond the materials you use to view it. The grandeur of the design, the angle of the shot, and its monochromatic palette give it depth. These qualities are enough to make anyone stop and adore its beauty.


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